Fortunately, most of us who watched this video got a completely different impression. And so people would gather. But it meant that unlike most kids, you know, culturally we were very rich and so it was a weird juxtaposition where I was probably exposed to more a greater cultural offering than most rich kids in England. If he had been some classical actor and did a sonnet, they would have been on their feet. Akala is currently researching the reasons why the educational attainment of fourth-generation British Caribbeans is low. You have the commercial, the mainstream hip-hop which is commercialized and its mainly put out by these large corporations, again, primarily historically probably white owned and operated. Maybe you don't like it, but don't degrade the genre to say that its "an excuse for people to say whatever they want with total impunity", because its not. Angel I always recognized that hip-hop had a range of expressions. In addtion Shakespeare was a . So Hip-hop Shakespeare is true to his way of writing. It helps us to get the word out to people who havent heard it, people who might enjoy it. AKALA: Precisely. Even. BARBARA: Okay, I gotta file that one away. AKALA: The next one. Discover Shakespeares stories and the world that shaped them. I dont think we can divorce Shakespeares global success from British imperialism and if India colonized the world, would we be reading the Mahabharata and the Rmyaa and these wonderful texts of Indian spirituality in the way that we read Shakespeare, as universal human text? But its a dangerous point of reference to think that people suddenly started making music under the condition of enslavement. Some of the stuff that doesnt rhyme. Akala raps the following Shakespeare sonnet. So we give people all different sorts of verses to show how versatile Shakespeare was and how much he experimented across his career. BARBARA: I want to start by picking up on something you use at the beginning of the presentations that you do, usually, and its the, Is it hip-hop or Shakespeare? bit. The plots we think of as quintessentially Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear, among othersare based on old stories, histories and myths that he reworked into his own material. AKALA: Thats all right. He really does embody knowledge, he's covering whole anthropology from history and modern day culture casually like he's explaining instructions on the back of a microwave meal, I mean wow. What is the main thing shared between Shakespearean language and hip-hop? O'Brien said that Shakespeare has been adapted to different times in history since nearly the moment he wrote the plays, and calls the trend to bring hip-hop and Shakespeare together a great one. Im saying what RZA rapped about was or Lauryn Hill or any of these great artists, to me, they are my Shakespeares, they are my philosophers, theyre the people who got me into history. I teach Shakespeare and I absolutely agree. I would absolutely love to see him and Jordan Peterson have a public discussion. For that reason, people get offended. So, if you come to England, youll hear more people that sound like me but that way of speaking, Received Pronunciation, so-called Queens English, did not exist in Shakespeares time. There was a study that found the most preserved form of the Elizabethan English accent was in the most isolated areas of Appalachia due to being cut off from the evolution of society for so long. He needs to represent in high schools. Devour cowards, thousands per hour. i havent been on this thread in ages. Thanks. Some of my uncles were gangsters. BARBARA: So, and for people who havent heard it, you recite a passage, I gather, and you ask the audience, do they think its hip-hop or do they think its Shakespeare. He wasn't. Iago is the great character in that play. This is a romanticized view of things, because it sounds nice for tourism purposes. Genevieve White, writing for the British Council, stated that there are a variety of . So. @Jimmyjamjohnson42It's a narcissistic idea. I mean he was not Oxford. AKALA: Yeah, I dont have a Dostoyevsky one, but its all right. So, with that in mind, it makes sense that he's taught in school. Today, everyones like Charlie Parker, of course hes a genius. BARBARA: And the other interesting thing when you consider what youre saying and drawing this line from way back into the past is that anyone, even if you dont know any of this history, you can hear hip-hop and you can immediately like get it or like it. And the word is *enunciation*. Some hiphop artists may not be educated in a way such as to use the vocabulary of Shakespeare and such. The fact that he dealt with the flaws of humanity. Since 2009, under the auspices of his Hip-hop Shakespeare Company, Akala has been going to community centers, prisons, and schools in immigrant and underserved communities using the tools of hip-hop to spread an understanding of the relevance of Shakespeares poetry. (Not relevant to radio "rap"). @Matt What is? AKALA: Its well, (a) its the rhythm of the human heart. So, basically, this dude does a quick quiz and takes some phrases from both shakespeare and hip hop and shows how they are similar. I have a problem with that being the only voice that cuts through and being seen as the dominant perception. I benefited from a radical tradition of Pan-African Caribbean self-education and went to a special Black Caribbean Saturday school in Camden The Winnie Mandela School. So, when I came to Shakespeare, I was starting from a radically different point to anyone in my class because Id grown up with equally with the tradition of theater and with the Jamaican sound system. That English accent doesnt exist in England anymore. AKALA: And it isnt. You know, youre being poetic but at the same time youve put these very serious constraints on you but what the iambic pentameter, I think, gives you, it makes it a lot easier to memorize and as weve now discovered, you know, we can see that over modern music is a pretty good way for a person to learn how to flow. So, when you turn on the BBC, youll find that people speak like this. And thats what great culture does. And great stories that really are cross culture, that we see from every culture around the world sort of in myth forms. But they never vanished,Made it through the middle passage,Never gave up the habit,Passing on the stories and traditions so that we could have it.I saw as clear as day a griot trapped beneath the deck,Buried in [expletive] and vomit up to his neck,Lying shackled next to his younger sister, already dead,Her own corpse dont even smell no more, cause he has lost the sense.Still we sung the song of the warrior, giving heartTo all the others trapped, rebellion ready to start.That is art:Thats poems that bleed, songs mold historyThe greatest gift ever given, a true mystery.Even when the drum was outlawed on the plantation,She kept beating it and singing in secret and maintainin.I could see the start of the Haitians in revolution,And what did they start it with? So even if they dont make it as a basketball player or footballer or whatever, they come out of it with a degree.. Many of Shakespeares works can be changed to fit the style of hip hop. On point all the time! Your ears literally dont have the vocabulary to understand it. I mean this is. so happy to find akala. Shakespeare should not be taught in the ninth grade curriculum because it's too hard to teach; also its very difficult to understand, last it's not even relatable to today's youth. Hes become a global icon for a whole host of interconnected complicated reasons. And actually its a different challenge now and iambic pentameter is very easy to find the rhythm of because its consistent, whereas the stuff in The Tempest is much more difficult. Ancient. This was so good. Akala ascribes the low educational achievement and aspirations of poorer children not just black children in England to two things: a divisive education system and an anti-intellectual culture. Both my dad and my step-dad run sound systems and hip-hop. So, you have some, you know, highly sophisticated centralized structures of government in early medieval West Africa. The first Ted I happily watched all the way through, and will watch again. Shakespeare Unlimited comes to you from the Folger Shakespeare Library, home to the worlds largest Shakespeare collection. They raise questions of morality, politics, war, wealth, and death. Ive known so many working-class kids who pretend to be less smart than they are.. BARBARA: It has a very different completely different atmosphere. So, we sanitize Elizabethan England quite a lot and project onto Elizabethan England this kind of sense of properness and the Elizabethan theater that absolutely just didnt really exist at the time. Shall I compare thee to a summers day?Thou art more lovely and more temperate.Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,And summers lease hath all too short a date.Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,And often is his gold complexion dimmed;And every fair from fair sometime declines,By chance or natures changing course untrimmed.But thy eternal summer shall not fadeNor lose possession of that fair thou owst,Nor shall Death brag thou wandrest in his shade,When in eternal lines to time thou growst.So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. I'd love to see a hip-hop themed "taming of the shrew". "I was not born under a rhyming planet" Hip Hop Shakespeare 5. Who needs to revise for history/English exams when you have Akala! Still the GOAT. You can find more about the Folger at our website, Theres lots of stuff that doesnt rhyme anymore because the accent of English has changed. Why Shakespeare is still relevant over 400 years since his death. Im doing my thing,Youre jealous like Othello.Who you? His works are timeless. Cause theyre not that interesting. So you learn to articulate your feelings and that is really important. Can they identify which lines of verse are from hip-hop songs and which are taken from the works of Englands most famous poet and playwright? And you can get to meaning after that.". AKALA: No, absolute pleasure. @Xelanderthomas Ok. Akala was brought up to take his education seriously. I used to not like hip hop but I do now, and I completely agree with you. Teachers must be upfront about the problematic aspects of Shakespeare's plays. What significant work? Akala talks about iambic pentameter and how it is similar to a heartbeat and how it can helppeople gettheir feelings across. But also its not seen as cool to be clever it is in Jamaica, its not here. Jesus people.. this is one of the most interesting and creative TED talks out there! And one element of hip-hop was always knowledge. This covers roughly first 10 minutes of this, so I help this can help somebody out there with homework. So, even that in England people think, Shakespeare was posh, which, again, is a, you know, a statement of class and a statement of that way I was just talking. AKALA: Of course. They saw it as strong not weak. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster, and DerbyAm I, who ready here do stand in arms. I have used this as a concept for a university class presentation. Posted July 25, 2017. What is the rhythm of IAMBIC PENTAMETER? Find out whats on, read our latest stories, and learn how you can get involved. You wont always be able to pick up the rhyme. BARBARA: I mean he was rewriting and borrowing and. And, actually, 95 percent of all the words in Shakespeares canon we still use. People dont spend 30,000 sending their kid to Eton to get the same quality of education kids at state schools get, do they? He became part of the elite in a way. @Truth Hurts Michael Montgomery has done significant work (listed below) that talks about this and disproves this, among a mountain of other sources. Its Nas. 16:09 - 16:12 What are we training the . And with the music and the beats and the rapping, it makes an old subject brand new." He's also made a convert out of this . 6. I found it fascinating, enlightening and extremely educational. In the meantime, find us online and on the road. This is a great Tedx talkand so far as his music goes I would strongly recommend his "Fire in the booth", along with "Find no enemy" and "I still believe" [featuring Black the Ripper & Lowkey]. So, when you understand this context, when you understand the type of instrumentation in West Africa, it becomes much more easy to explain how these musical cultures were created in the Americas. I dont no, definitely not. We had help from Joe Philip at Covered PR, from Mariama Abudulai and from Ryan Pate at the Dub Room Studio in Los Angeles. You know, for us in the UK and perhaps to an extent here in America, I dont want people to feel culturally intimidated by something that theyre told is beyond them. For many who were intimidated or just plain bored by Shakespeare at school, its a revelation. I will use this to start teaching the other kids I've taken under my wing about the importance of being the "custodian of knowledge" for themselves. Wait quietly for instructions. 3. , Akala is too much! Its interesting though, because they can do it when it comes to movies which is just as much entertainment as Hip Hop. -DJing -MCing -Break dancing -Graffiti art -Knowledge 5.) So, youre going hip-hop again? SonicHits. I'm a teacher, and my students and I love this performance. You look at the end of a Shakespearean text and theyll be the word mood and blood. And youll be like, why have that in there? AKALA: So, yeah, lets play the first beat. I find him quite admirable and wilding a mind that is practically candy coated to a sapiosexual as myself. Annunciation means something quite different (its the visitation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary). That's where we learn to hate literature. This culture needs more like him My level of appreciation for Shakespearean plays went up a few notches after listening to the play on a rap beat. So I think all of these big themes, all of these characterobviously, you know, writing in English helped. Agreed! Ppl have the RIGHT to like what they likeat least classical actors aren't disrespecting women nor any other living creatures. @Tiffany Summers He is perfectly clear. He is an icon and thats fine. The value of education in Jamaican culture has given these kids the sense that these jobs are realistic options, even though they live in one of the poorest places in the world.. Previous: Creating TNTs Will| Next: Shakespeares Kitchen. BARBARA: The horrible ones are the interesting ones, yeah. Many versions of this story about two star-crossed lovers who die sad deaths have been made for the theater and movie. And a lot of people still have the belief that thats all kind of hip-hop has to contribute, has to say. I love your art, i've learnt more from akala lyrics and youtube vids than i ever did in history or english class, Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? A few years ago, I saw "a comedy of errors" set in a mafia controlled town in Italy. There is a close focus on education in the book - and not much of . BARBARA: It was such a pleasure to talk to you. How did your school make this happen??? Man, this audience. Well considering this is a Ted talk i can't imagine any of this talk was 'on the fly'. Chance never did crown me, this is destiny. Okay, cool. 6 why might akala say that we should teach shakespeare. Akala comes across so intelligent and articulate. So, the type of societies that West Africans came from to the Americas has often been oversimplified. And its not always peoples fault. That is one of the things that has made me so passionate about education and made me want to dedicate part of my adult life to working with young people, in the way that people gave their time to work with me.. But also to show that theres still a rhythm in it. So, a standard bar of music, you know, four beats and if you put a ten over four if you can visualize it in that way, where youve got ten think of it like high hats. The best in the UK Hip Hop scene right here ^ Although at 66 I might be unusual, but I love Hip-hop. The audience, such misers! Surrender yourself to the floor.Mowbray: come, come, settle down,Dont spit away your blood when you dont have a crown. So I will think twice before ragging on hip hop after watching thisthanks Akala. Wheres this mountain of evidence? Wow love that! He is glad that British universities have increased the diversity of their students in recent years but still feels we have some way to go to match American universities. Well done. He was interviewed by Barbara Bogaev. Raw like the Ball of Brazilians. Throughout his entire career, he was experimenting with different forms of rhythm. Maybe its food for the spirit. He then goes on to show how these oral traditions influenced a lot of music styles from jazz, funk, blues to hip hop. AKALA: But then the band and the actors who are also rappers and singers rewrote the rest of the story of Richard II as a collection of songs. We possess the speech.Draw for your sword and settle your quarrels.Draw for your sword orSee to it your knees meet and greet the ground,Bow! Since 2009, under the auspices of The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company (THSC), Akala has been going to community centers, prisons, and schools in immigrant . One example of that is in conflict mediation. Disturb. Aliyah Why might Akala say that we should teach Shakespeare? By exploring what's dearest to our hearts and most . The Poets Pen Turns Them to Shapes was produced by Richard Paul. Akala at TEDxAldeburgh, AKALA - DAT BOY AKALA (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO), Akala: The History Of Cultural Appropriation In Black Music, THIS CHANGED MY LIFE | Akala - Fire In The Booth (part 1) REACTION, Akala - The Thieves Banquet Part I + II ( Lyrics ), Akala & Ms Dynamite Ft Ghetto & Big Seac - Knowbody, Akala ft Kabaka Pyramid & Marshall - Giants, Akala Details The Roots Of His Philosophies: "There's Not Enough Seats At The Table", Akala - 10 Years Of Akala (Full Album Stream), A HISTORY OF RACISM | AKALA - MAANGAMIZI (REACTION), Deepest Song: Akala - "Find No Enemy" Via @AmaruDonTV, There Is No Escaping Shakespeare | The New York Times, IAMBIC PENTAMETER for Teachers and Students. That piece by NPR has some examples of the pronunciation of the words as we know it from Shakespeare's time.Tell me if it sounds like Appalachian English or not. He is like the quantum physics of literature. BARBARA: I still dont recognize that line from Shakespeare. @Reasoned Alibis and thats how quran is memorized around the world and preserved. Shakespeares characters are the best ones are all imperfect. You listen to a song like Preacher and the Bear., [CLIP of the Golden Gate Quartet singing The Preacher and the Bear.], Lord, look here, you know you delivered ol Daniel from the lions den.And you delivered three Hebrew children from the fiery furnace, and then. Its literally all over the place. This is amazing and very eye opening. They are quite bland. Your making things up. What are you talking about?? What might Akala say that we should teach Shakespeare?] Big up Akala and the intelligent movement! When British Caribbeans migrated to the UK after the war, they were dissatisfied with the level of education their children were getting. I'm a high school English teacher. British poet, rapper, and educator Kingslee James Daley, who goes by the stage name Akala, likes to recite a passage and then challenge his audience with this question. MICHAEL: Kingslee James Daley is better known as the rapper Akala. Why might Akala say that we should teach learn Shakespeare? AKALA: Yeah, its political, a hundred percent. Reading the Excerpt. So if you write a verse on a regular tempo sort of hip-hop beat, 70 to 90 BPM, its very difficult to write the verse in such a way that it transfers onto what we in the UK call grime, which is 140 beats per minute. But he's been the biggest inspiration of me for 2016. BARBARA: So, what is it about iambic pentameter that does this? You know, they watch MTV and they see MTVs version of hip-hop culture, which is ironic given that, you know, Viacom is this massive big corporation. This was a great learner moment. We had help from Joe Philip at Covered PR, from Mariama Abudulai, and from Ryan Pate at the Dub Room Studio in Los Angeles. Its all over the place. In the 1400s, the main kingdom he speaks about in that book is the Empire of Mali. Sleep is the cousin of death. I'm laughing because everyone here is teenagers trying to do their English homework edited: LMFAO I DIDNT THINK THIS MANY PEOPLE WOULD SEE THIS AHAHA guys i got a 100% on this assignment so can you haha, yo brody send the assignment for mans bless. It was edited by Gail Kern Paster and Esther Ferington. The fact that my questions are exactly the same word for word Click CTRL+F and you can search for key words within the transcript! please tell me how assigning this as english work is gonna help us in the real world lol, this shows how hip hop can relate to shakspere and how similar it is, @Akala you are so underrated! This is why most rappers are usually very creative with their own words because they create vision, practice, and imagery. These great plays were originally performed with, and spoken by Shakespeare himself, in the most backward, hillbilly, West Virginny accent you can imagine. When I spit on the riddem, I kill em. And what I mean by that is he was a human being, he was a great writer. One of the things I learned, going all around the world and working with hip-hop artists in Brazil and Algeria and all sorts of different placesin fact, one of my good, good friends is a legendary Brazilian rapper called MC Marechal, [CLIP: MC MARECHAL raps in Brazilian Portuguese]. On why the playwright's works have become fixtures in education, Thompson says, "Shakespeare was a tool used to 'civilize' Black and brown people in England's empire. Hip -hop or Shakespeare? is a challenge that Akala puts to lecture audiences including eminent Shakespeare scholars. Wed really appreciate your help. BARBARA: Well, weve been talking about a lot of these misperceptions of Shakespeare but what are the common misperceptions of hip-hop? Why might Akala say that we should teach Shakespeare? Got linked here through an article on decolonising shakespeare and one rabbit hole later. damn Akala's good. Skim and scan the text of the excerpt from Scene 1 and diffuse some of Shakespeare's unfamiliar language using the following translation table. BARBARA: You have a rap about this, right? 2. Menu. I remember hearing the odd song from him when I was younger. If youre not an expert on jazz or on classical music, it can all sound the same till you get into it, right? Both Hiphop and Shakespeare are examples of the some of the most paramount poetry there is. As part of the colonizing efforts of the British in imperial India, the first English literature curricula were constructed, and Shakespeare's plays were central to . It wasnt allowed to be in the city because it wasnt considered proper by the religious establishment of the time. Othello is not originally his story. Like playing being a virtuoso classical pianist or playing violin or being a great actor. But Im gonna say no, again. Draw for your sword orSee to it your knees meet and greet the ground,Bow! So what weve been trying to do is in keeping with its educational tradition.. We call this podcast The Poets Pen Turns them to Shapes. [CLIP from the Sugarhill Gangs Rappers Delight], So after school, I take a dip in the pool, which is really on the wall.I got a color TV so I can seethe Knicksplay basketball.Hear me talking bout checkbooks, credit cards, more money, than a sucker could ever spend. Romeo and Juliet are still among Shakespeare's most widely read plays, despite not generally being regarded as one of his best. - continued, whOS WAtChIng tHIs BeCaUSe oF SchOOl yeah ok but who got the answers, @Little_Dino_OwO Oml thank you, I really needed this. On a regular basis, it's difficult for anyone to match the acme of Shakespeare's genius when it comes to rhetoric and diction. I study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham (2nd in the UK for my course according to the Guardian) and not one of my lecturers can deliver like this man! In doing so not only does Shakespeare become more accessible to younger audiences but, for some, more enjoyable to both watch and perform. He became very wealthy. And I was like so people would hear a rhyme differently in different languages. So, sitting people down and forcing them to read Shakespeare Performance poetry has to be performance first. There is no way to overstate the importance of education. You must know that this guy is clearly good at putting words together. So, when we understand in Mali, for example, you have a character called the griot praising, you know, often on the payroll of the kingyou know, wrote long poems, the most famous of which is the Malian epic of Sundiatagenealogist, a historian, a musician that would actually go to school for 21 years: seven years for speech, seven years for musicianship, seven years for singing. Blood, I'm the heir to the throne . I mean I hear I hear and I respect this message that Shakespeare is kind of the ultimate virtuosic hip-hop artist, that you really kind of see this connection between the two. After this he talks about the medieval empires of Western African and how they had people who were the custodians of the history and cultural and spiritual traditions and were often musicians.
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